Aquí tienes los contenidos que se trabajan en cada unidad.

Starter: Like+ing; can and can't / a, an, some; be going to

Unit 1: The present simple and continuous / Adverbs of frequency.

Unit 2: The past simple: be, have and regular verbs. / Past time expressions.

Unit 3: The past simple: irregular verbs.

Unit 4: Possessive pronouns / Adverbs.

Unit 5: Have to / The imperative / Why and because.

Unit 6: Comparative and superlative adjetives.

Unit 7: Will and won't / Future time expressions.

Unit 8: Much, many, lots of, a lot of / Some and any.

Unit 9: The infinitive of purpose / How often...? and adverbs of time.

Unit 10: The present perfect.

Unit 11: The present perfect: ever and never.

Unit 12: Should and shouldn't / Could and couldn't.

Unit 13: Object pronouns / Relative pronouns: who and which.

Unit 14: The past continuous / Dates and was born / On and in.

Unit 15: The past simple and continuous / There, they're and their.



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